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How Much Space Do You Need?

Visit our facility in Kenmare to see the available units and we can advise how much storage space you’ll need.

Alternatively, these guidelines can help:

For a House or Apartment
1 Bedroom:       about 50 sq.ft required
2 Bedrooms:     about 50 – 100 sq.ft required
3 Bedrooms:     about 100 – 150 sq.ft required
4 Bedrooms:     about 150 – 200 sq.ft required
For a Vehicle Load
Transit Van:       about 50sq.ft required
Luton Van:         about 70 – 80 sq.ft required
7ton Van:           about 140 – 150 sq.ft required
20ft. container:   about 170 – 190 sq.ft required
40ft. container:   about 300 sq.ft required
For File Storage
100 Banker’s Boxes:   about 50 sq.ft required
200 Banker’s Boxes:   about 100 sq.ft required
300 Banker’s Boxes:   about 150sq.ft required

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Self Storage and How does it work?
Kenmare Self storage is a service offering comprehensive do it yourself storage for business and domestic customers.  We provide clean and dry individual storage units, which are accessible to our customers during opening hours (however, access out of hours can be arranged).  Your unit is secured with your own lock to ensure that only you have access to your goods.
What are the unit sizes that you have available?
We have over 25 units ranging in size from 25 square feet to 250 square feet. Please view our size guidelines to help you to identify the size of unit you need.
Can I transfer to another unit if I find I have to little or too much space?
You are welcome to move to another unit if we have unit availability.
Why do I need my own lock?
You need your own lock to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your unit.
How much does it cost to store my things with you?
The cost of the storage unit depends on the size of the unit you require. Should you be unsure about the space you may need, please contact us at sean@kenmareselfstorage.com.
Do I have to book a unit?
We would advise booking a unit, if your needs and timing are specific. We would recommend that you book your unit at least one week in advance.
Can I move in today?
Yes, subject to availability, a member of our staff will complete our storage agreement with you in person, and then you can move your goods in straight away.
What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm.
How often can I have access to my goods?
You will have unlimited access to your goods during our opening hours. Necessary access outside of hours can be organised by prior arrangement.
How do I get my goods to you?
You can bring your goods in your own vehicle. We have ample free car parking and large sheltered loading/unloading areas at our facility. However, we can recommend local van hire companies to help you with transportation if needs be.
What sort of security do you have?
• Each unit is locked using your own padlock for added security
• Access to the storage area is only possible with a unique code for each customer, that is only valid for the duration of the self storage rental period.
• Our phone watch security system logs who is in the building at all times.
What is the minimum time I can store with you?
The minimum period is 1 week. We request 2 days notice to vacate your unit.
What is the maximum length I can store with you?
There is no maximum storage period.